Staying Fit When You’re Just Too Busy

When you’re busy being a lady-boss, or a kick-butt stay at home mom or dad, it can be hard to fit in your fitness. Getting to the gym every day is nearly impossible for busy gals on the go. If finding time to get to your local fitness studio is unrealistic, there are still ways you can stay fit and healthy at home. 

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Utilize Your Empty Space

Do you have just six feet of empty space between your couch and TV?

What about a few feet of carpeted area in the bedroom?

Anywhere where you can safely jump up and down is your new cardio studio. You don’t need fancy equipment to get your sweat on.

Take 20 minutes three times a week to get your heart rate going with body weight exercises.

These can include jumping jacks, squats, high-knees, running in place, and mountain climbers. Perform 30 of each exercise three times through for a full body cardio workout.

You don’t need to break the bank with an expensive DVD series, or personal trainer.

If you’re looking for work-out guidance, there are thousands of free Youtube fitness videos available to you. Type phrases into your search bar like “20 minute at-home cardio,” or “Quick Cardio Workout” and you are good to go.

Squeeze It In

Really crunched for time? Have a million things on your to-do list?

Incorporate exercises into your everyday tasks. Try pulsing lunges while you feed the baby. Perform calf raises while you scrub the dishes. Pace the room while on a conference call.

If you’re tackling a major task, like creating a presentation for work, or folding heaping amounts of laundry, consider breaking up the work into intervals. Finish one part of the presentation, and reward yourself by holding a minute long plank. Perform 10 sit-ups for every 10 articles of clothing folded. Not only will you be burning calories, you’ll also be boosting your mental productivity. It’s a true win-win.

Remember, Abs Are Made In the Kitchen

Don’t be dismayed if your busy schedule keeps you from your exercise goals.

Fitness and weight loss are just as much a product of diet and nutrition, as they are pavement pounding. Planning ahead, and keeping yourself accountable with meal prep and portion control may be all you need.

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Remember, with a bit of creativity and time management, you can do it all. Conquering your fitness at home is easy when you have the right planning and a little ingenuity.

By Elly Sarfert, FemmeGuru Contributor
Instagram: @ellzbelzz

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